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A Gee Whiz is a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer in Albuquerque, NM.

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  • A Gee Whiz is a Authorized Lennox Dealer in Albuquerque

    We provide repairs for any model A/C you may have, but we limit our sales to those that we’ve identified as best in class. Lennox exceeds our expectations in this case.

    Watch the videos here and learn about Abacus as a Lennox Dealer. The video features Dave Lennox himself.

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    If you’re in the market for a new A/C, installed by Abacus’ staff of qualified technicians, fill out the form on the top right to request your FREE In-Home Estimate today. A Lennox Home Comfort System will keep your home cool and comfortable and your energy bills low. Innovative technology such a unique compressor system give you the most comfort while staying very energy efficient.

    Lennox has placed emphasis on building AC’s that are environmentally safe, highly efficient and extremely quiet.

    A Gee Whiz is an Authorized Lennox Dealer in Albuquerque

How much are Lennox air conditioners?

I understand the question. Google Lennox air conditioners, and the first thing you see is how much more money they save you on your electric bill.

I do not care how much it might save me each month on electricity, only the up front cost.

Yeah, and it’s frustrating when they show you 00 and it is really how much they say it’ll save you in electricity over five years instead of the purchase price. That’s the cost of a Goodman AC.

And how much are Lennox air conditioners? What is the up front cost?

The cheapest models are the Merit series, followed by the Elite series, while the David Lennox Signature Collection is the most expensive.

How much do each of the Lennox AC series cost?

If you get the cheapest one, the Lennox ACX13, it costs around twelve hundred to seventeen hundred for the contractor. Add a thousand or two or so for his profit and installation costs.

A 13 SEER unit costs a fortune to run.

The 14 SEER ACX units are 1300 for a three ton unit, 1800 for a five ton unit. You’ll pay two thousand to five thousand for installation.

What are the prices for the Elite units?

The Signature Collection are 2500 for a two ton unit, 3500 for a five ton unit, for the wholesaler. Installed, that’ll cost you 3500 to 8K.

That’s a massive price range.

The more expensive units have more sensors and control panels and possibly air filters to install.

Or they will offer to do extra work like thread in extra ductwork and UV air purifiers, since I’m already paying 6K for the Lennox David Lennox Signature unit. It’s all so you can make the most of this elite AC.

The Lennox Elite ACs are 2500 to 7K after installation costs and depending on the unit’s volume.