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I am not a professional, just documenting how i repaired the hot water heater’s pilot light to stay on.
The solution was adjusting the thermocouple. You can review different thermocouples on Amazon here:

The following link goes to Amazon’s Digital Multi Meter with Capacitance:

Colin G comment:
1. The thermo couple tip should 3/8″ ABOVE the “pencil Pilot Tip”, should read about 30mv.
2. Once opened the burner door. Manufacture requires installing a new gasket around the burner door to prevent CO and air leakag.


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This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey demonstrates some common plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them. (See below for tools and steps.)

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Tools List for Avoiding Rookie Plumbing Mistakes:
– Strap wrench, for gripping fixtures without marring the finish
– Pipe wrench, which provides superior leverage for turning pipes and fittings

Steps for Avoiding Rookie Plumbing Mistakes:
1. To prevent pliers and wrenches from scratching the finish on plumbing fixtures, use a strap wrench.
2. Wrap the flexible strap around the fixture, securely lock the strap in place, then slowly pull on the handle to turn the fixture.
3. To prevent a pipe wrench from deforming a pipe, be sure the wrench contacts the pipe in three places: at the top jaw, at the bottom jaw, and at the back of the wrench.
4. When fastening plumbing fittings, such as radiant-floor heat plates, to the underside of a subfloor, be sure the screws or nails aren’t too long or they’ll poke through the surface of the finished floor above.

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Leak Detection

Gary of Leak Detectives presents an overview of the pool leak detection process. Leak Detectives offers fast, reliable, and professional swimming pool leak detection services for the greater Sacramento, California area. Call Gary at 916.224.1570 for service, or learn more at the Leak Detectives website at …


Visit for all your insulation information. Part 1 of an Owens Corning instructional video which shows the proper techniques for installing batts in exterior walls. Highlights the correct way by showing both the wrong way and the right way to insulate exterior walls. An infra-red camera is used to show how mistakes in insulating cause heat and energy loss.

Gas LInes

HVAC, Plumbing and Services Albuquerque, NM

  • Licensed & Insured Technicians
  • Repair, Service & Maintain most Makes & Models
  • Emergency Repair when you need it!


HVAC, Plumbing Services Albuquerque, NM

  • Licensed & Insured Technicians
  • Repair, Service & Maintain most Makes & Models
  • Emergency Repair when you need it!